About us

Our Mentees

Our Mentees are referred from various educational and community based organizations. They are hopefully about their future and lack one important piece of their journey to manhood puzzle. That piece is a positive male that will make a vow to be consistent and present.


Our Mentors

I-THRIVE is a community of dedicated men who can guide and support young, often fatherless boys on their journey to manhood.


We have a proven approach to producing real change within young men, and we couldn’t be more excited to lead the charge in a much overdue movement.  The circumstances and daily environment that many of our boy's experience is absolutely heart breaking. Despite this reality, I-THRIVE cannot help but remain passionate and optimistic, for we have found a real answer that produces real change. We may only be a piece of the solution, but our piece is impactful and lasting.


The need is greater than it has ever been before. Right now, at this moment there are countless numbers of boys who are yearning for someone or something to notice them. If you would like to join our community and be on the cutting edge of this movement, we welcome you!


Parent Testimonial Quote from
Artika Mourning
“When my boys first joined this program, we went through a serious storm. My sons Mentor’s did not give up on us. They remained faithful and went through that storm with us. Even with their very busy schedules, they are taking out time to show my boys how to be real men.”
Mother of Donovan and Keivon Mourning

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