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There is a real hope for the future of our young men. I-THRIVE has discovered a proven way to engage boys at the most critical times of their lives and help guide them in a positive direction.


Here are four ways that you can help:
  1. Become a Mentor
  2. Refer a Mentee
  3. Donate Services
  4. Financial Support
THE I-THRIVE Youth Mentoring Program NEEDS YOU.

Mentee Testimonial from

Donovan Mourning

Mentor: Earl Wallace

Mr. Wallace is a great Mentor. He taught me a lot of things like the value of family, violence is never the answer, respect females, and other people respect my parents. Mr. Wallace has taught me to be a good man, a great father in the future, and a great husband. He told me to follow my dreams and don’t get involved in the wrong stuff like gangs and other things that coincide with school. He will always be there for me and I shouldn’t be uncomfortable around him.

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